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The North Staffs District Association

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DA Information
North Staffs District AssociationA part of the  Camping and Caravanning Club And North Central Region

The first early moves came about during the 1971 camping season.  At this time we were camping under the flag of Staffordshire D.A. we were a very happy unit and I have many happy memories of the times with them.  In fact I was a founder member of the first Staffs section of Birmingham D.A., having been their Chairman at one time.

It was towards the end of the 1971 camping season that Mrs Gay Holmes of Trentham wrote on behalf of some of the members from the north of the county to ask the Central Counties Region if a new D.A. could be formed.  A meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Mr Fred Hyde, along with members of the council and other interested parties, at Uttoxeter Cricket Club on the 14th of November 1971.

 The members present at the meeting were :- Representing Staffs D.A. :- Mr W Saul, Mr D Wood, Mr N Davies, Mr R Williams, Mr A Evens, Mrs B Rodgers, Mr A Ansel, Mr C Ashmore, Mr J Close, Mr W Davies, Mr J Ramsel, and Mr D Richard.  Representing Central Counties :- Mr J Oliver, Mr F Hyde, Mr B Rook, and Mr H Bendelow.  Representing the new D.A. :- Mr E Holmes, Mrs G Holmes and Mr L Oliver.  After three hours the decision was made that with confirmation from The Regional Council and The National Council a new D.A. Could be formed for the 1972 season.

The new D.A. was formed and named The North Staffordshire District Association, and a working party formed under the approval of Central Counties.  The new North Staffordshire D.A. was made up with the following Committee :-

Chairman Mr Eric Holmes

Vice Chairman Mr John Oliver

Secretary Mr Frank Fowel

Treasurer Mr Leslie Oliver

Committee members :- Mrs Gay Holmes, Mr john Anson, Mr Cyril Harrison, Mr Eric Hulme, Mr Peter Marks and Mr Roy Smith.

A list of meets was produced starting on the 31st of March at Church Stretton until the 27th May at Rain Roach, Alton Staffs.  This was until a full list of meets could be produced.  Meets were to commence at 7pm on the Friday evening, the fees for these meets would be as follows.

Six shillings ( 30 pence) for the weekend. This was divided into :- Five shillings (25 pence) to the land owner, and One shilling(5 pence) which went to the Social Fund.

As a full D.A. we had to be self supporting and held various fund raising efforts to cover the costs.  At the end of our first year we had banked £66.00 and had £47.00 cash in hand, although at this time had not received any grant from HQ, this arrived in December and was a total of £30.00.

Our first Dinner Dance was held at the “Peveral of the Peak” at a huge cost of £1.60 per person.  We hired a coach for the Dinner Dance and many people attending were wearing Dinner Suits and Dresses.  There had been a heavy snow fall and on the hill up to the “Peveral” we had to get out of the coach, the Men ended up pushing the coach whilst the ladies walked.  Most had taken Wellies just in case, and in true Club spirit a good time was had by all.

A public meeting was held in Hanley Court Room at a cost of £2.50 for the hire of the room and £6.40 for advertising to attract more members to the D.A. Mrs Margaret Oliver, Mrs Barbara Clay and Mrs Josie Oliver provided the refreshments.

As we had little money to start with all sorts of Fund raising efforts were made, Mrs Barbara Clay arranged for garments from Leek Factory Shops to be available on a Sale and Return basis.  All the ladies looked smart in their Slimma Slacks.

Looking back at the names of the members in 1972 there are sadly only a few of us left, and only a few still camping, of the first Committee only two are still alive.

Our thanks go to the late Mr John Oliver for providing this information on the way North Staffs D.A. was formed.    

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